Chelsea’s Unexpected Spanking – Part II

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Chelsea was sobbing and had lost control over her body. Thick tears were streaming down her burning face. A burning of emberrassment and shame. Her breaths were unsteady and ragged her throat like razor blades. How could this have happened to her? She felt confused, vulnerable and completely helpless in this extraordinary situation. She felt like a virgin who had been raped.The young beautiful woman has had her share of men and had enjoyed almost every encounter. She wasn’t shy and open minded in the bedroom. But she was never up for anal sex or playing with butt toys. She had tried it once with her last boyfriend as one of his many bad ideas. She didn’t like it at all and had felt more pain than pleasure. So they had stopped as quickly as they had started. Bill was furious and called her a „cock tease“ right before he spanked her bare behind with his leather belt. Chelsea was no stranger to this kind of punishment. Her daddy had used the same method to discipline his children.

And now being handcuffed and down on her knees she appeared like an insignificant little girl. Suddenly she realised that Tanya had left the room. She tried to concentrate so she could hear what was goging on. She suspected the nurse to be in the examination room since noises of someone looking through cabinets travelled through the hallway. Then Chelsea could hear footsteps coming closer. Tanya opend the door to the shower room, holding a plastic basket. She sat it down on the floor. „I admire your smooth skin, Chelsea. And I want to give you a special treatement“ the nurse announced. The prison girl didn’t dare to move or to think about what that „special treatment“ would be. Instead she kept still and waited for instructions. But none came. From behind Tanya loosened the handcuffs and set her personal prisoner free. Unexpectedly released from the bonds Chelsea dropped heavily to the hard floor. A moan of relieve and pain washed through her body. „Get on your hands and knees, before I change my mind and give you another shower“ dictated Tanya. With her last strengh Chelsea took in the required positon. It felt demeaning to her, but she still obeyed. Tanya opened a jar of coconut scented body scrub. It was a natural body product made out of sea salt. She reached into the jar and took out a handfull of the coconut peeling. She gently started massaging Chelsea’s round behind. Her warm palms circled the flesh of Chelsea’s soft cheeks and then parted them to get a good view of the girl’s delicous butthole. Her anus was tight and pink. With her left hand Tanya searched through the basket for the silicone butt plug. She quickly found it and lubricated it with some vasaline. With her right hand she spread Chelsea’s ass wide apart and in one swift motion pushed the black plug deep inside her. The prison girl almost jumped to her feet when she felt something hard being shoved into her ass. A high pitched scream escaped her mouth and quickly turned into a pitiful whining. It took all of Chelsea’s remaining strength to steady herself. „Good girl“ said Tanya and started rubbing the inmate’s buttocks. She caressed her sensitve skin with her fingertips. Chelsea developed goose bumps under the nurses caring touch.

Tanya enjoyed the power over the young prisoner and gladly took advantage of her. The touch of Chelsea’s smooth skin underneath her hands aroused her. A familiar warm feeling spread between her legs. She felt her wet pussy and and couldn’t wait any longer for the next steps she had prepared.

The RN let go of Chesea’s ass and reached for the wood paddle in her basket. She slowly clapped the paddle against her hand. While doing that she bent down to the inmate and whispered into her ear: „You will now receive a good old spanking with my paddle. Five strokes on each cheek for trying to fool me and I want you to count them out loud. Do you understand?“. As an act from necessity Chelsea silently nodded. She wondered how much the spanking would intensify the feeling of the plug in her butt. Tanya didn’t give her slave much time to ponder. She held the paddle with both her hands and struck out. In one quick drive the paddle flew through the air and slapped hard across Chelsea’s left butt cheek. The girl broke down under the stinging pain. At first it took her breath away. „One“ she counted, just above a whisper…

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