Chelsea’s Unexpected Spanking – Part III

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Then the paddle hit her right cheek. WHAM. Her first response was to softly rub her already flaming butt. The pain was unbearable for her and she couldn’t imagine receiving more spanking with the wooden instrument of torture. The sea salt made the already intense burning of her treatment even more cruel. The texture of the peeling was unpleasant and felt like sandpaper against her sensitive skin. Suddenly, the paddle hit her delicate fingers before it met the side of her left cheek again. “Count out loud, you stupid bitch or you’ll get two more!“ Tanya reminded her patient. “Two.“ Chelsea whispered as she repositioned herself. The excruciating pain distracted her from the big plug in her ass. She knelt on the cold, wet tiles. She prepared herself for the next hit with the paddle. It didn’t come. She couldn’t stand the tension of surprise. So, she lightly turned to see what was going on as the wooden paddle hit her hard on the left side again. Taken by surprise she bit her lower lip. She immediately tasted fresh blood in her mouth. She didn’t dare to spit it out. Just a light red stream ran down her chin. „Three.“ She spluttered to avoid two extra spankings. The nurse seemed to accept Chelsea’s behavior. She sobbed hard and wondered how many tears she had left. The next stroke hit her right side again. She waited for the fourth one while her watering eyes gave in. Her face was wet from crying and salty tears mixed with the blood in her mouth. She tasted the disgusting flavor of defeat and humility. “Out of mercy, I’ll slap you on both your cheeks at the same time, to save your strength for later“ announced Tanya. Then she struck out wide and hit the prison girl with full force on her butt. Chelsea slipped on the wet floor. “Four“ she counted. She got up again. She knew her punishment, or at least the spanking, was almost over. For a moment she felt nothing, just the slightest caress of air against her bare ass. Then she noticed that Tanya had put away the paddle. At first she could feel the nurse’s warm hands cupping her butt cheeks and gently circling clockwise and then the tender touch of her palms against her burning skin. She felt how one hand moved down the back of her legs and then up again caressing her smooth inner tighs. Her fingernails brushed Chelsa’s crotch and just for a second the nurse pressed her thumb against the prison girl’s clit. Chelsea felt a light brush of air as Tanya’s hands travelled away from her sore behind and a jolt as one hand slapped down on her ass. A sharp sting. „Five“ she cried out loud in agonizing pain. The last slap came back handed from the strict nurse. The burning sensation almost made her jump. But weak as she was by now her body gave in and again she broke down onto the cold floor. For a few minutes she just lay still. She silently cried and felt sorry for herself. Now that the spanking was over, Chelsea became aware of the plug in her butt again. She couldn’t suppress the urgent feeling of water in her lower intestines any longer. „I need to go to the toilet“, she whined. Tanya smiled. With a glittering of great satisfaction in her eyes, she helped Chelsea get up and took the poor girl to the toilet. There she forced her against the wall with both her hands above her head. „Bent a little forward and spread your legs wider“ said the nurse in a demanding tone. Chelsea followed her instructions. She heard Tanya put on a new pair of latex gloves. Then she felt the nurse’s hand as she pushed the plug a little deeper into Chelsea’s butthole just to turn it from side to side. In one swift motion she pulled it out. Exhausted from the events of this afternoon Chelsea turned around and slowly sank onto the toilet seat. Stomach cramps tormented her abdomen as she did her business. Her anus was burning like fire. The nurse stood and watched her patient for a while before she left her alone.


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