Havana Nights (english version)

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The Cuban evening sun was about to vanish in the sea. The last warm sunrays fell onto the sand of the beach. The usually white sand bore a shining red color. Far on the horizon the moon and some stars went up. What a wonderful end to a wonderful day. Kate and Alex had just arrived in Havana today. Tired from the long trip and the many new impressions, they had an early dinner and a nice walk on the beach. The sand between their feet slowly turned cold and from the sea came a light breeze. Kate shivered lightly as a sudden gust blew up her short skirt and revealed a purple thong. Her hair already looked disheveled from the wind and also Alex had noticed her goosebumps. But not only that – the hard nipples of his loved one pressed against the thin material of her blouse. Although he enjoyed the view very much he unbuttoned his black linen shirt and laid it on her shoulders. A thankful smile brushed over Kate’s lips as she pulled the shirt closer around herself. It had her husband’s wonderful smell, a mix of his aftershave and hot sun. Hand in hand they walked until they arrived at their hotel.

Without thinking about taking another shower Kate dropped her skirt to the floor. She left it lying there and slowly opened the buttons of her blouse before also just letting it fall off her body. Kate preferred sleeping naked, wearing only a scent of perfume – in her case it was not Chanel, but Christian Dior. Alex watched his wife undressing. He liked what he saw. A tingling sensation spread through his body. He went into the bathroom and as he came out he already found her lying in bed. Actually he had expected her to be sound asleep. Joyfully he climbed into bed, but to his disappointment Kate only gave him a short good night kiss and turned off the lights. Dead tired from the day she was expecting to fall asleep really quickly. But sleep didn’t come, probably due to the jetlag. She tossed around and could not come to rest. Alex slowly started caressing the small of her back. “Should I help you find some sleep?” he whispered into her ear.

Kate nod her head and pulled Alex close to her. Without hesitation he kneeled in front of the bed. His strong hands grabbed her tight buttocks and pulled her to the foot of the bed. He grabbed her thong and yanked it off her. Her sweet juices already had moistened the crotch of it. Alex spread her long legs and started to inhale her scents. Gently he started kissing the smooth outer lips of her pussy. His tongue traveled down her slit. He parted Kate’s butt cheeks wide and started kissing her butthole, covering it in his saliva. Then he moved to her sweet spot. The taste of her pussy was sweet and herb at the same time. Kate gave herself into his caresses. Wetness started seeping out of her vagina and onto her anus. Alex brushed his forefinger over her vagina, picking up the juices. Then he pressed his index against Kate’s sphincter while keeping his tongue busy on her clit. Gently and without any resistance his finger slid into her rectum. Knuckle for knuckle disappeared in her butt. Then he rhythmically started pulling his finger out and pushing it in again. A soft sigh escaped Kate’s mouth. Her butthole asked for more. He removed his forefinger and used his other fingers to spread more of her juices on Kate’s anus. With his left hand he put her right foot on his shoulder. His tongue never left Kate’s pulsating clitoris. Not bothering using two fingers, Alex pushed his forefinger, middle- and ring finger into Kate’s asshole. Slowly he started fucking her butt with his fingers. His cock pressed against his boxers, craving for freedom. Alex added his pinkie and pushed his hand into Kate’s rectum. He scooped up more wetness with his thumb, removed his four fingers from her butt and slowly started pushing all five fingers into her. He was licking her g-spot like there was no tomorrow. Kate lifted her left leg up and used her left hand to pull it more towards her, giving Alex’ hand deeper access to her butt. Kate arched her back and felt a prickling sensation rushing through her body. Soon the sweet salvation of an orgasm would wash over her like waves of the sea. Fiercely Alex was sucking on Kate’s clit while almost his whole hand was fucking her butthole. She felt waves of heat rolling over her. She held her breath and felt each part of her body tense. Finally, Kate felt the rhythmic contractions of her vagina. Her rectum was vibrating delightful and sucked in Alex’ hand. Her eyes were closed while she felt the joyous rush of hormones and the trembling of her abdomen. A comfy warmth engulfed her. Happily she smiled into the darkness. “That was bombastic. Thank you so much honey!” she panted, before dropping her head into the soft pillow.

Still Kate was not allowed to sleep. In the meantime, Alex had removed his boxers. Naked and tight like a tin soldier he stood in front of the king size bed. Without a word to lose he took her legs and forced her to bend her knees. Without asking, he thrust into her dark rosebud. Alex didn’t need permission, he just took what was his. He was really horny and all he needed was a quickie. Her wet asshole was more than ready for him. Without difficulty he was fucking her through her backdoor. It didn’t take him long to reach his climax. A last time he gave a thrust with his pulsating cock deep into her rectum before exploding in sheer lust. He moaned loudly. Panting, he removed his penis from her anus and dropped to the bed exhausted, next to Kate. Slowly his juice was dripping from her hole. Kate grabbed a Kleenex and wiped herself. Her eyelids were heavy with sleep. Alex moved a little closer and took her into his arms. With her head she lay on his chest and heard his heart beating fast. Kate wrapped one arm around his waist. Alex softly kissed the top of her head. Happily and satisfied they fell asleep tangled up in each other’s arms.

The End


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